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Post Holidays!

Posted by Abby Bingham on


Here we are, a few days after the Holidays and I feel very happy about all of the new people who supported our little business and mostly happy about the way that everyone LOVED all of the product they purchased from us!

We have recently remodeled our retail store and have been adding new product frequently! You may find a few things inside that aren't online too! We are human, we mess up, so if you come in you will also find our "OOPS!" basket! Items here are going to be sold at half price or less. Mostly just things that didn't form correctly, maybe the label isn't perfect, the color was a bit off or the end of a batch. 

We have a few new items that have been requested that we are excited to try out soon too! So make sure to keep an eye out for those. If anyone has any favorite scents that they would like to have, PLEASE reach out and let us know, we are dedicated to giving people what they want on a personal level and chances are if you love it, someone else will too! 

One EXCITING thing I can announce is that we are working on doing a very requested MENS LINE!!!! We will have 'manlier' packaging and manly scents to choose from! We want YOUR feedback on these scents too! We want to know what you and your loved ones enjoy so we can keep making things that people will use and adore on a daily basis while enjoying supporting local business!

Feedback from the ladies who were selected to try out or shampoos and conditioners.... The general answer was that even after just the first use, there was a noticeable difference in softness! That continued to improve after each use and I'll quote one of our new users with this, "My hair has NEVER felt like this! I have a whole new head of hair and my self confidence has skyrocketed! I feel so beautiful!" -- Comments like this make me LOVE making products like ours even more!!

Come see us, or order online and don't forget to let us know how we are doing!! Enjoy the new year!!


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