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In 6 Minutes, The History and Uses of Eucalyptus

Posted by Justin Zautner on

   Eucalyptus trees are indigenous to Tasmania and Australia.  The leaves hang vertically and are leathery in texture.  The flowers in the bud are covered with a membrane surrounding it entirely.  In some parts of the world the Eucalyptus tree is regarded as a sacred tree because it never dies and grows to nearly 300 feet tall.  The trees are capable of surviving nearly anywhere with temperatures down to about 27 degrees.  
    Eucalyptus Medicinal Oils are used as an antiseptic and stimulant.  It can be used as a gargle and to treat wounds, ulcers, burns and cuts.  Eucalyptus can also be used to treat a cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis.  If you feel like me most of the time you're mentally exhausted.  Our friend Eucalyptus can help with that!  Most people enjoy the cooling and refreshing effect it has.  It helps me feel as if I'm sailing along with Johnny Depp on the Black Pearl and just found The Fountain of Youth. (Sorry, in preparation for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie in a couple of months I've been revisiting those movies.)  Back to the point.  Eucalyptus is also used to treat lice, fevers and pneumonia.  It can be used as room freshener! It's also used in soaps and detergents.  Now it's time to sound like every late night infomercial.  "But wait! There's more!"  It's used in saunas and baths as aromatherapy.  You can even use it as a mouthwash!  The point is it's one of the best, natural products out there and here at In Dew Thyme we couldn't be more proud of being able to share it with all of our friends!
     Now here comes the tricky part.  Producing Eucalyptus is a process.  Lets just start by saying to make a small little 2 lbs batch you need 110 lbs of Eucalyptus Leaves!  After you obtain your body weight in leaves you must crush the leaves, cook the leaves and leave the leaves sit in a container for a couple weeks.  At this point you can bottle it up and share with friends!  
From all of us here at IDT to all of our friends!

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